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You Pick 'Em Week 5: Badass .44 Magnums FTW!

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Description: PLEASE READ THE Full Description Before You Comment!

For the sixth week of You Pick'ems the theme is Worst Class Evar only so think of the worst class you can think of and leave a comment and I might just chose yours ;) If I pick your class then you'll get a shoutout in my next You Pick'em Video with a link to your channel in the description, so small COD youtubers try and win it for some easy subs! Copy and paste, then fill in the following and leave it as a comment:

Name of Class:
Primary Weapon:
Secondary Weapon:
Perk 1:
Perk 2:
Perk 3:
Special Grenade:
Death Streak:

Here's mindyourbullets's youtube page so go congratulate him or something:
Here's mindyourbullets's Class:

Name of Class: TGWC is a noob class
Primary Weapon: akimbo p90
Secondary Weapon:akimbo magnums
Perk 1: scavenger pro
Perk 2: stopping power pro
Perk 3: steady aim pro
Equipment: claymore
Special Grenade: stuns
Death Streak: final stand
Killstreaks: Predator missile, harrier, pave low
I really hope i win i want to see him use this pro class ;)
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