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Description: Nude
Consider this video both a love letter to the Human form, and an open letter to any and all either interested in the nude in art, or are confused by it, or have trouble telling what is art and what is porn, or simply want to explore what goes on between model and artist in the creation of artistic studies of the naked human body.

Thank you to all who helped me make this video, It simply would not have been possible without you.
Thank you to all the artists who either offered their work directly, or allowed it's use through the Creative Commons copyright license, Your generosity is greatly appreciated. :)

To read all the letters I was sent during my research on nude modeling, please visit the following link;

Personal information in these stories has been removed to protect the privacy of the submitters.

Zeph & Azeem - Come One Come All (inst)
is provided courtesy of Om Records

To see the Images featured in this video at full quality and uncensored (or, if you enjoy a pun, see them NAKED of the hand of my reluctant censoring, har har har), please follow the links below;

Nude and captured.
by ioerror

Pierre-Paul Prud'hon: standing nude
by freeparking

jacob collins: seated nude
by freeparking

Love in Wiesbaden
by ioerror

Nude (Black and White)
by Felony Fabre

Love in Wiesbaden
by ioerror

Picture 695
by srsrkmr

Picture 299
by srsrkmr

Jasmine Taylor
by Sonny
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