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FREE Sleep Session: Sound Sleep Now VOICE ONLY, Most Soothing Female Voice on the Internet

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Description: Want to exhale, relax & rest? Take 5 and listen to this FREE VOICE ONLY sleep session (the full 40 min. session is at ONLY $9.95 US). The most soothing female voice on the Internet utilizes 3 proven relaxation techniques (guided relaxation, deep breathing, and guided visualization) along with familiar soothing sounds like ocean waves to help reduce stress and maximize your chance for sleep. If you're one of our weary friends who wants to fall asleep to the sound of a gentle, soothing female voice (NO MUSIC), this sleep session is for you! Forget the sleeping pills. Put down the book. Turn off the TV. If you're tired and you cant sleep, just close your eyes, listen to this FREE Sound Sleep Now - VOICE ONLY Sleep Session, and give yourself the opportunity to get some rest.
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