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Pro Nex Guide - New GWD Boss

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Description: Other stuff to note (this will be updated as we learn more about Nex) :

The first time you climb down into the Zaros section, if you forgot to bring a rope, you can search the skeleton off to the side to get one.

Any of the armour / weapon items that Nex drops will count as a Zaros item, to keep you safe during Nex KC. "Ancient" stuff from Treasure Trails does NOT count as a Zaros item.

Make sure you bring an antipoison both on Zaros KC and into Nex's room!

There are 4 minions, one in each corner of the room. Each time you take down 1/4 of Nex's HP, you will be allowed to kill ONE minion. One you kill them, Nex will no longer be allowed to use that minion's special effect / attack.

The damage that Ruby Bolts (e) do on Nex is capped at 500.

(Song used is Flatfoot 56 - City On A Hill)
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